Are you an effective decision maker?

Other day, I went to a restaurant with few of my friends and we had to decide what to order for Dinner. When all were done with their orders as soon as they could, there was a member of the group, thinking so much about what to order for dinner as he has to decide whether to choose Art or Science for his further studies.

There are many people who find it difficult to choose an option even if it is not going to make a much difference in their life if chosen wrong. Such as, ask them which flavor of ice cream you would like to have? And they will make all permutation combination in their mind just to decide which flavor they want. And very likely once they decide, they may change their decision to next option instantly.

Are they making leaders like this? They themselves are setting boundaries not to reach a certain level in life, where only an effective decision-making power can take them.

“The decisions we take today are making our future, they set the journey of our life.”

Where we reach in life, how successful we become is all dependent on how effectively we make a decision at each stage of our life. We are writing our destiny with every decision that has a major impact on our life.

Are you taking right decisions? How effective are you in taking decisions? Every day and at every point of time we have to take decisions in life, can you think of any day or a moment without taking a decision.

Let’s understand with an example:

Think of any day in your routine life, suppose it’s Monday and you have to get ready for your office, let’s see how many decisions you take in that short span of time:

  • What time should I get up to be ready on time?
  • What should I wear today?
  • What shoes will go with my dress?
  • Do I need to take lunch from home or can take it from office cafeteria?
  • What time should I leave from home so as to reach office on time in spite of heavy Monday traffic?

When we are deciding on all such things, they seem to have no impact on our decision-making power because their results have no major impact in our life. But by deciding all such small things we are developing our decision-making skills.

Now let’s take an example of choosing what to wear for office today? If you are an effective decision maker it’s not a big issue for you to decide, but there are people for whom this is the most time-consuming matter to choose what to wear today.

Think, if we are taking so much of time in just deciding what to wear today, can we imagine ourselves at the position in future where our one decision can make the huge difference in our life or for the organization we work for. Or can we think ourselves to be a leader in future?

Of course, Not. And this is the difference between the leaders and not so successful people.

How leaders make decisions?

Take no time/Unlikely to change

Successful people take quick decisions and very unlikely to change their decisions once taken.

The people who take a lot of time to take a decision or frequently change their decisions, lack wisdom and usually find it difficult to be successful in life. Use your cognitive power to take quick and accurate decisions. It’s not about only taking decisions but the decision that matters in our life and that can change our life if taken rightly at right time.

Next time when you take any decision just notice if you are taking unnecessary time to make small decisions.

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