How to calm our anxious mind instantly and relax

Sometimes it happens to us that we keep on thinking about an event or something that makes us anxious. However, we don’t want to think of that and need some calmness in our mind to relax.

But, can we actually stop our mind to generate these unnecessary thoughts?

My answer is, NO.

Then how we get calmness?

This is true that we can’t stop our mind from generating thoughts; this is the job of our mind to keep generating thoughts day and night. Our mind does not sleep only the brain sleeps.

But we always have a control over these thoughts, whether to let them go off OR reprocess them in the brain.

Do not reprocess your random thoughts,

What is the main reason of our restlessness, why we find it difficult to control our mind?

The reason is that we constantly signal our brain to reprocess the thoughts that are being generated by our mind. When we have control on this process, whether to let the thoughts go outside the brain or absorb them and keep reprocessing again and again. And this is the main reason of our restlessness and we make it difficult for ourselves to feel relaxed and calm.

Example: suppose my mind suddenly generates a thought, “what if my business partner cheats on me”?

Now it’s in my control, I can just let this randomly generated thought go off my brain and don’t signal my mind to process few more thoughts on it. And, if I reprocess this thought even at once, my brain gets a signal and generates a sense of insecurity. Instantly our mind also gets a signal from the brain, yes I am interested in this topic, give me some more thoughts on it. Our mind, a thought generating machine, starts working on it and  produces a chain of related thoughts and then we lose our control on these thoughts.

In this case I could stop my first random thought “what if my business partner cheats on me” to be reprocessed in my brain and let it go off my mind and could easily calm my mind not to generate more such unnecessary thoughts on this.

Think of it, we do it always and don’t realize the reason of our restlessness.

Give a short break to your mind to relax. Do not reprocess your random thoughts.

7 thoughts on “How to calm our anxious mind instantly and relax

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  1. Yes Nidhi ,you have hit the nail on the head.Whenever any negative /waste thought flashes across our mind,we should press the delete button,and prevent it from generating a chain of similar thoughts.Keep writing,keep inspiring.


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