Flexible behaviour for a happy life!

Are you someone who change with time & situational demands and easily adapt yourself to the new circumstances.

The more flexible our behaviour is, the more effective we become

What is behavior flexibility & how does it matter?

There are two people working on a project, both of them have spent a year in planning and execution of that project and suddenly they realize that due to some changes in market need or unavoidable circumstances their project is no more required, hence there is a surety of failure if they launch it.

Both of them will react to this situation in a very different way as per their behaviour flexibility.

The first person who is more flexible in his behaviour, will see the situation from a different outlook and will be able to think about the problem in a creative way. If the plan needs to be abandoned, he will immediately stop working on it and will start planning for a new one. His flexible behaviour will help him cope up with the situation without causing him stress.

On the other hand, the second person who is less flexible will encounter many problems and may develop stress, anxiety, disappointment or insecurity. Which can also make him ineffective in his future plans.

It could be the reason why some people are less effective in their job, work or business and may have poor relationships or unfulfilling social lives.

“Behaviour flexibility is about having a flexible attitude towards any unavoidable circumstances”

If we are flexible in behaviour, we can take more risks in life and our chances of success become higher. We live an independent, happy & fulfilling life, and we achieve excellence in whatever we do.

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