Close few mind apps, save energy and be free

What happens when our cell phone starts hanging or drains energy faster?

We close or force quit few running apps, that are expected to consume reasonable memory space of CPU to free some of RAM, so that the device can perform better and save energy.

Our mind works in the same way,

The mind is a RAM and our brain is a CPU

When we exhaust our mind with so many unnecessary thoughts (or applications), they occupy our RAM space and may hang our CPU or our Brain. Our performance goes down or sometimes we feel exhausted.

Close few applications to free your mind

What are these applications which consume unnecessary space in our mind(RAM) and engage our brain(CPU) in non-constructive manner?

They may be,

Future worries app: Is there something related to your future that you are worried about? Your education, job, business, relationship or anything that makes you think about future all the time.

You cannot do anything about future, that worries you today. Just make a better today for a better future. Close this app.

Past attachments app: Is there anything from the past that still attached to you and is there somewhere in your mind all the time? Any incident, any incomplete task or plan, any incomplete desire or whatever that should have been left in past and not to be carried in future.

Stop thinking about this and detach yourself from that past. Close this app and save energy for making a constructive today.

Expectations app: Are you expecting something from someone or waiting for something to happen in future, may be any event or anything which makes you feel uncertain, unsure. You know, nothing happens in future what we expect but how we prepare for it.

Do not expect much from you or anyone else, let things happen as they are bound to happen. Close this app from your mind and free yourself to live in present.

Regret app: Do you still regret about anything from the past, may be any unsuccessful relationship, any plan that failed, a mistake you have done?

Don’t worry, no one is perfect, don’t let the past impact your present, stop that app immediately and start a new journey, do not carry that regret of past to the future, only learn from it and move on.

These apps are energy drainers of our brain, force quit them and live free.

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