Are you a “Chess Observer”? Become one

Have you ever noticed two people playing chess?

When both of the players get stuck and do not figure it out that what should be their next move, it is more likely that you as an observer can suggest them a move that they could not identify being a player.

This is called a “Chess Observer” rule.

It happens in many cases that when we are just an observer but not a role player, we are more likely to find a better solution to any problem.

For an example:

You have written a letter or an email and you cross check it for any grammatical mistake or spelling error. There are chances that the another person who is reading it, may still find some error which you could not notice even after double checking.

Similarly, it happens in many situations in our life when we try to find out a solution to any problem and at last we call up a friend to help or take an opinion from them, they are more likely to suggest us an easy way out, which we could not think of being a part of the situation.

Why does it happen? Why can we not see few things being a player which an observer can see?

The reason is; when we are the part of the game, our mind thinks as a player and it knows that any move or decision I take, is going to impact me directly. I am the one to face, any repercussion arises due to my own solution or decisions.

And this is the reason our mind is unable to take unbiased decisions for us. For any solution that we get, our mind generates a chain of thoughts which are related to the impact, that may arise due to the decision and keep itself engaged in risk analysis rather than thinking of next better solution. And our efficiency of problem solving goes down.

While as an observer, when we are not the part of the game, we can think more and even better solutions to the same problem, because here we only concentrate on generating as many solutions without doing risk analysis on each thought that strikes our mind. Hence likely to find a better or more solutions.

So next time when you are stuck and not finding the way out, try this rule. First detach yourself from the problem, become an observer and then find the solution.

Become a Chess Observer!

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