Be lazy, be efficient!

There is always a shortest and simplest way of doing anything in this world, and the lazy people find that way.

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”  – Bill Gates

When did I realize this in my life?

It was the time when I joined a manufacturing organization for a summer internship during my MBA program. It was the first time I entered into any corporate premise. On the day of my joining the very first task given to me was to put few notices to the pin board. “What an easy task” I though and took papers and moved towards the notice board which was placed on the ground floor.

As soon as I tried to pull the pins out of the board, the easiest task had become the most difficult task for me, I tried a lot, applied maximum force, my fingers got pain but could not take a single pin out of the board. How could I tell my manager, that I was unable to do such an easy task?

I started blaming the companies responsible for designing such boards, and the people who put this board here.

This happens with many of us, without realizing that we may be following the wrong way of doing things we start blaming everyone else for our inefficiency or inability of doing things.

Then I saw a housekeeping man passing by, I was sure he could help, better to take his help than showing my inefficiency to the manager.

And that was the time I realized how stupid we become to keep applying the similar way of doing things even when they don’t give us a result. We just put more efforts to the wrong application rather than changing the way altogether.

He took no time to pull that pin out of the board and I learned the most important lesson that day:

“there is always a shortest and simplest way of doing things.”

And in this case, that was, putting the force along a straight line to pull the pin out or put them again.

Since then, I started finding the shortest and simplest way of doing everything. That made me efficient in my work. When people at my workplace use to follow the predefined mechanism, I used to find the easiest way of doing that task and most of the time I was successful in saving my time and energy. That made me efficient and sometimes, even surprisingly to my boss & peers.

Next time when you find any task to be difficult, try to find the best possible way of doing it. Because it does exist, only we have to find it.

So be lazy to follow that same lengthy and difficult mechanism again. Find a creative way and be efficient.

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